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Our devices emulate and override exhaust after treatment SCR systems such as DPF and Adblue on Plant machinery powered by internal combustion engines.

The process is done without interfering or tampering with the ECU whatsoever, therefore it’s easy, quick and completely safe to install our kits yourself.

All kits are a simple ‘plug and play’ design with a bundle of high-quality plugs, enabling you to simply connect the kit to your existing engine harness plugs, remove the DPF filter and the job is done! No faults or engine limitations after the install and your machine will operate normally again. It’s that simple!

After installing our kit, the ECU does not force the DPF filter to regenerate or dose AdBlue fluid because the device generates signals such as well-functioning DPF filter and AdBlue system.

Sensors that caused previous running issues will now be bypassed, inclusive of:

  • – AdBlue pump
  • – Particle filter
  • – Nitro oxide sensors (NOx)
  • – Temperature sensors, etc.


Note – Unlike other products or ECU programming services, our kits are completely reversible. For manufacturer warranty purposes, you can revert back to a DPF & AdBlue enabled machine at any time if you choose to with no fault trace. All products have a full 12 months warranty.

30-minute Set-up

Simple installation

12-month Guarantee

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