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About All Machines

Thank you for taking the time to look at All Machines; we are grateful that you would like to share this with us.

We are here to not only make money but to save you money. The very reason we exist is because for too long now, Manufacturers have taken advantage of owning the marketplace and dominating their customers with ridiculous fees and long waits on machine downtimes.

We can beat that. We can offer you the greatest service and all whilst trying to save you money. All Machines was founded off the back of our Dad who runs a successful demolition and plant company. We have grown-up surrounded by the plant and machinery industry, so we get it. What we don’t get is the expensive costs of when the plant breaks down including unfair mileage and travel fees.

Steven, our Founder, MD and Boy Genius has a way to fix this. Through extensive years of software and hardware research, he has developed our service to revolutionise the industry. All Machines is a personable remote and on-site diagnostics company which focuses on helping companies achieve minimal downtime and cut costs – an average of 46% a month.

Steven Gambrell
Managing Director

Our Founder and Chief, Stevie. Always one for anything with an engine, Stevie was signed to BMW as a Race Car Technician at just 17-years old. Developing from this, his love for cars, engines and machines has continuously grown and brought us to where we are today. From working on-site with all types of industrial companies, Stevie truly understands the requirements and problems a firm may have on a day-to-day basis. He has personally built and developed our unique equipment to ensure maximum output for all machines.

Scott Wood
Head Technician

Scott has always been of a technical mind and enjoys working on anything that moves with four wheels or more - making him perfect for All Machines. Having joined the business back in 2016, Scott has worked hard to understand how our equipment works and how best he can implement it for our customer’s machines. He most enjoys being out on the road and meeting our customers to get their plant up and running again - especially with a hot cup of tea!

Dani Harris
Head of Commercial

From leaving school, Dani has built a second-to-none career in sales and relationship management. Building a portfolio of clients with the likes of Nike, O2 Telefonica and the NHS has allowed Dani to really understand a variety of business models and requirements. From this, her ability to talk to anyone and provide a remarkable service has meant she is memorable to all. Taking great pride in her work is her favourite thing and she loves to talk business so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ruby Harris
Office Manager

Ruby is one of a kind; our Office Manager who is the glue to it all. Nothing is ever a problem from our fleet to our accounts, Ruby has it all in hand. Her background is focussed on the management side having run successful offices for demolition and construction companies. If you ever have an account query or would just love to chat, Ruby is your person!